Europe in 1797


In the mid 400s. When emperor Mojoran invades Spain and North Africa. North Africa being the breadbasket it was, saved Rome form famine. Thus Rome survives collapse, using its news strength to conquer Gaul.

The successors of Mojoran conquered most of Germany. The western empire was too weak to rule itself, so eastern empire appoints its emperors. In 474, the a half-barbarian leader (Orestes) has come to Ravenna. Thought Nepos emperor had an army of guards, which won the battle and take over Gaul.

The eastern emperor appointed a man by the name of Charlemagne, who used the Roman Army to kill the eastern emperor and made himself the Roman emperor.

By 717, due to cultural differences, the empire splits and the emperor give the eastern to his brother. By 1530, Rome has become weak from hundreds of years and much of its land and most of it ruled German lords. A Hapsburg is appointed as a senator became very popular and by 1532 the Senate replaces the weak emperor with the Habsburg emperor Charles the 5th.

Charles the 5th Rule

Under Charles, Rome's military increase tenfold. Its culture and economy prospered. Charles and the senate appointed many Habsburgs as lords of Italian states. Many Habsburgs married into many royal families of Europe..

Many people were very unhappy with the church and some people began to join other churches. This made Rome very unhappy and started to send soldiers to Germany. After many riots that clashed between soldiers and citizens, nobles of Germany declared war on the Roman Empire. After 20 brutal years of war, they finally allow Protestant worship in the German states.

William the Conqueror

50 years after Charles death in 1564, the young William had great plans for prospering empire. He plan to use the empires army to conquer the Balkans. It was perfectly planned they would jump city to city, using the city's food and resources to help the empire.

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