The Roman Federation, formerly known as the Roman Consulate, is an economic union of states that stretch across the modern world. Each member state has a separate government, but a Federal government rules from the city of Roma. The Federal government consists of four branches: the Consulate (Executive), the Senate, the Magisterium (Judicial) and the Financium. In 2012, the Roman Federation is the world's most populous country, boasting 41% of the global population. It is widely considered the most powerful and technologically advanced nation as well. Latin is the official language, and is spoken throughout the Federation and in much of the rest of the World. The Federation is currently ruled by High Consul Marcus Rubius.

Member States

  • Italia
  • Grecia
  • Balkana
  • Castilia
  • Cordova
  • Gallia
  • Mauritania
  • Carthagia
  • Egyptia
  • Nubia
  • Arabia
  • Assyria
  • Anatolia
  • Lydia
  • Colchia
  • Persia
  • Babylonia
  • Romanova (OTL New York)
  • Napolinova (OTL Panama)
  • Grecanova (OTL Brazil)
  • Milanova (OTL San Francisco)
  • Tarentanova (OTL Cape Town)
  • Veninova (OTL Sydney)
  • Espanova (OTL Taiwan)

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