The Roman Empress is the consort of the Roman Emperor and is one of the highest examples of nobility in the Empire. Despite this, the Empress typically has little in terms of official power, although they are usually revered by the members of the Empire as "the mother of the nation." 

In the modern era, in addition to her ceremonial duties, the Empress typically takes on additional humanitarian or social work to help the Empire and its people. Sometimes, the Empress may take on some of the official duties of the Emperor, although it should be noted that this can only occur with the Emperor's consent. 

List is from 1400 to the present.

Name Portrait Birth Marriages Death
Helena Dragas 200px-Empress Helena Dragash c. 1372 Manuel II the Reviver
eight children
23 March 1450, aged 78
Maria Megale Komnene 200px-Maria Comnena Greek Princess Trebizond by Pisanello c. 1410 John VIII the Great
three children
2 January 1453, aged 43
Marie d'Valois-Arc Kristjana VI (The Kalmar Union) 28 June 1459 Michael IX
two children
5 January 1490, aged 31
Elsa I Halvar Elsa I (Principia Moderni III Map Game) 12 January 1468 Thomas I
five children
19 December 1548, aged 80
Jacqueline Nassau-Orleans Catherine michelle 3 October 1495 Theodore III the Conqueror,
three children
21 October 1565, aged 70
Anna Manghut 16 8 December, 1556 Thomas II
two children
10 July, 1628, aged 62
Isabella Wittelsbach Isabella PM3 21 March 1582 Andronikos V
two children
8 May 1653, aged 71
Katrina Girguis Katrina Girgius 1 May 1610 Stephen I
four children
30 September 1678, aged 68
Helena Laskarina Follower-of-Francesco-Salviati-del-Rossi-Portrait-of-a-Lady 15 March 1633 Thomas III
no children
21 January 1687, aged 57
Sophia Angelina Prudence Harding 1 March 1636 John IX
five children
27 April 1690, aged 54
Dorothea Shishman Elizabeth 26 November 1660 Andrew I the Magnificent
four children
11 June 1736, aged 76
Elenora Maria von Liechtenstein Andreas Moeller - Erzherzogin Maria Theresia - Kunsthistorisches Museum 14 February 1727 Stephen II
no children
23 October 1805, aged 78
Maria Medici 400px-Maria Teresa di Savoia 30 January 1727 Thomas IV
three children
9 August 1796, aged 65
Dživa Bunić Pauline Bonaparte princesse Borghese Stephen III
Berenice Sarofim Caroline Murat by Vigee-Lebrun Andronikos VI
Theodora von Calamita Marie Guilhelmine Benoist 001 Andrew II the Great
Elsa Strategopoulos Portrait-of-princess-maria-ivanovna-kochubey Theodore IV
Amira Al-Azm Maria Theresa of Austria, queen of the Two Sicilies Thomas V
Catherine Zaccaria 1024px-Eugénie; keizerin der Fransen (2) Alexander III
Anna Lusignan 1024px-Printesa Ileana de Romania Constantine XI
Cristina Trastamara  EbvkU3U Michael X
Semiramis Elia Princess Fawzia bint Fuad of Egypt Stephen IV
Arta Kokalari Musine Kokalari Theodore V
Helena Kolokotrona Gracia van Monaco (1972) John X

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