The Roman Empire was a humungous empire in Europe, Asia, and Africa that existed from 44 BCE when Julius Caesar seized Rome, dissolved the Senate (thus ending the Roman Republic, and declared himself the first emperor until 286 AD, when it was divided into the Western Roman Empire and the Eastern Roman Empire.


The Roman Empire was created in 44 BCE. The Roman Republic was engaged in a civil war, and a man called Julius Caesar led a portion of the Roman army into the city of Rome, killing the Senate, and declaring himself the emperor of a new Roman Empire.

Science and Art

From about 17 BCE until 220 AD, the Roman Empire was responsible for much scientific and artistic advancements. Later on, however, the Cycaenaens took that role from Rome.

Conflicts with Cycaenae

The Roman Empire ran into many difficulties with The Sicans. Between 148 and 210 AD, the Cycaenaens raided Roman cities in Egypt, Libya, and Carthage, killing up to several million Romans, and causing millions more to emigrate into Italy and Syria.

This caused the Romans to attack the Cycaenaens in 202 AD, and siege Cycaes for 15 years. The siege ended when it was broken by Cycaenaen troops, who then enslaved and slaughtered the Roman armies and signed a peace treaty with Rome.

Conflicts with Ephelia

Beginning in 218 AD, the Ephelians began attacking Roman Britannia and later northern Gaul. The Romans tried to stop the Ephelian invasion, but were unsuccessful until 237 AD, when the Romans slowly began to gain their territories back. This continued for another 50 or so years until Rome had most of what they lost back in their hands.

Fall of Rome

The Roman Empire split into the Western Roman Empire and the Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantine Empire) in 286 AD. The Western Empire collapsed in 476 AD, while the Eastern Empire survived much longer.

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