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Roman Empire (The Kazakhstan Meeting)

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Imperium Romanum
Roman Empire
Official language Latin
Capital Rome
Head of state Emperor
Head of government Two Consuls
Independence September 2, 31 BCE.
Dissolution 640
Currency Solidus, Aureus, Denarius, Sestertius, As

The Roman Empire was a nation in Europe. Its main enemy was China. After much expansion, the Roman Empire came in contact with China on the steppes of Kazakhstan. There, China took more of an interest and discovered Roman ideas and inventions. By 508 China waged war against Rome, and destroyed Rome's colony with a combination of bombs, horses and stolen Roman tactics. Eventually the Romans lost Siberia to China sometime around the 520-530s. By the 600s, Constantinople was sacked by China and renamed to “生活大门”, or “Gates of Life”.

Finally by 640, the Roman Empire collapsed and new nations arose from it.

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