Roman Empire
Imperium Romanum
Timeline: Sea of Stars
Rome flag spqr.png
Senatus Populusque Romanus
(and largest city)
Other cities Carthage, Byzantium, Alexandria, Mediolanum, Athens
Official languages Latin
Regional Languages Arabic, Greek
Ethnic groups  Roman, Gothic, Slavic, African, Aethiopian
Demonym Roman
Government Federal constitutional monarchy
 -  Emperor (Imperator perpetuum) Caesar
 -  Consul ???
 -  President (Princeps senatus) ???
 -  Pontifex Maximus ???
Legislature Roman Senate
 -  Last War of the Republic 26 - 25 BC 
 -  Formation of the First Empire 25 BC 
 -  End of the Eleventh Civil War 1930 
 -  Declaration of the Fifth Empire 1931 
 -  2015 estimate 1 billion 
Currency Roman denarius (RDe)
Time zone Roman Standard Time
RST -3 to +2
Drives on the Right
The Roman Empire, sometimes called the Fifth Roman Empire, is a nation in southern Europe and northern Azania, completely encircling the Mare Nostrum (Mediterranean Sea). Rome is one of the three great powers of the world, with the other two being Vesperia and Mongolia. Rome is the oldest nation in the world, with the first Roman Empire being founded in 25 BC by Augustus after his victory over Marc Antony and Cleopatra in Egypt. His successors expanded the empire to eventually encompass most of Europe and Asia, but Rome experienced its first major crisis in the mid-5th century, which lasted for nearly 60 years until Rome was re-established in 517. However, Rome never recovered from this crisis, as many of its most distant provinces became free and would not firmly return to Roman control for centuries. Rome experienced three more crises and 11 civil wars in its entire history, with the most recent civil war having occurred within the last 100 years. Despite this, Rome continues to be one of the most powerful nations in the world, as well as off-world on the Moon and Venus.


Fall of the Republic

First Empire (25 BC - 452 AD)

Crisis of the Fifth Century (452 AD - 517 AD)

Second Empire (517 AD - ???)

Third Empire (??? - 17?? AD)

Fourth Empire (17?? AD - 1927 AD)

Fifth Empire (1931 AD - present)