Roman Empire
Timeline: Que Vivimus
The Roman Empire or simply known as the empire is one of the oldest and most influential states in Europe and in the world. Founded in 27 bc it grew to dominate most of the civilized world and influenced many modern european states the western half fell in 476 AD. The Eastern Empire centered at Constantinople nearly fell in 1437, but managed to survive with the escape of the Emperor and managed to retake Constantinople in 1444. A papal decree in the 16th Century managed to unify the catholic and orthodox churches with the entrance of rome into the eastern Roman Empire thus refounding the Roman Empire.

Seljuk invasion of Anatolia

In the year 1068 the Seljuk turks invaded anatolia hoping to make it a part of their empire. They nearly succeded in doing so annexing most of Anatolia. However in a last stand at the city of Manzikert with the Byzantine emperor himself participating in the battle. The byzantines managed to lead a charge into the well trained Seljuk Warriors and send them fleeing the invading Seljuk army was decimated with the Seljuk Emperor being captured and executed. At this point the Seljuks stood no chance they were forced to flee anatolia but this wasn't the end the Romans forced the Seljuk all the way back to persia and from hence the came. Albeit this was because an alliance with the Mamluks at the time which were also being invaded by the Seljuks. This Sudden increase in moral in the Byzantines lead them to believe god wills them to retake the former lands of the roman empire and bring back christianity to them founding one of the First example of nationalism in the Medieval world

Roman Conquests

After having beaten the muslim hoardes time and time again, the people of the Byzantine empire rally behind their emperor in a war to retake the former lands of the empire. The first conquest and one of the most ambitious was the conquest of syria in attempt to take their most rich colony. Evidently the Mamluks didn't take kindly to this and sent a large army of 80,000 men to defend the land. Emperor Theodus proved his strategic expertise by defeating the Muslim army at the battle of damascus in which the sultan of the Mamluks was captured and forced to sign a treaty ceding the holy lands and syria to the roman emperor. With the recent conquest the Mamluks nobility were allowed to keep their titles if they converted to christianity some did but most left the areas and fled to egypt. They waited for 30 years and rechristianized these areas through peaceful means