In AD 32 Judea lead by Emperor Jeshua Christ declares its independence. In AD 34 the Roman Empire admits defeat, allowing it to secede. In AD 37 Caligula takes the throne and tries for his entire reign to recapture the Judean Empire. This is made more difficult by the assistance of Parthia in defending Judean independence. In AD 41 he is assassinated and Claudius ends the war giving more territory to Judea and Parthia.

Militarily defeated Claudius tries to find a way to strengthen the Roman Empire's morale. He successfully invades Britain and part of OTL Germany. In AD 54 Nero takes control of the empire. A war with the Parthian Empire in 58 AD leads to the Judean Empire allying with Parthia to expand its territory. At the end Parthia has control of northern Anatolia and Judea its southeastern coast. Judea also conquers the rest of Egypt, killing Vespasian, who had been put in charge of conducting most of the war in the process. The militarily defeated Roman Empire is unable to defeat the rebellion of Boudica of Britannia in AD 60. In AD 68 faced with a military coup and an imminent execution he commits suicide.

Salvian Dynasty

Civil war breaks out. At first Galba is declared emperor but is rejected by the legions of Germania who rush on Rome. He is executed and replaced with Otho. The Batavi take advantage of this crisis and revolt, receiving aid from the Britannians. Vitellius is killed in combat. In the end Germania Inferior is independent as the Kingdom of Batavi. East Germania, the new province added under Claudius also revolts and becomes the Kingdom of Saxony and the Kingdom of Chatti. Otho reigns until AD 83. His rule is remembered as just and more fair than previous emperors. Expansion for the most part stops as the demoralized Roman public will not support more military ventures and Emperor Otho is aware of this. His son, Julius II however seeks to restore the glory of Rome.

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