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This page lists the Emperors of the Western Roman Empire after events there diverge from OTL.

Before Charles the Fat's coronation in 881, the Imperial throne had been vacant a few years. The history of France and Germany was essentially the same as OTL until his reign.

Carolingian dynasty

Charles the Fat: 881-889: Credited for holding the empire together when it was in a precarious position

Louis the Wary: 889-915: Killed in battle against the Magyars

Charles the Simple: 915-932 - died in prison following the revolt of Robert of Paris, as in OTL, but it happens a bit later. In control only of a rump kingdom in Lotharingia by the time of his death.

Arnulf: 932-947: Titular emperor who never rules anything beyond Lotharingia. His rule was rejected by both Neustria (West Francia) and Germany (East Francia), and given lip service in Aquitania and Italy. His death marked the end of the Carolingian Empire, and the imperial title was not passed to his descendants.

Tolosan dynasty

Hugh I: 977-994: Count of Tolosa and King of Aquitania, continued his father King Raymond's campaigns in northern Italy. Crowned Emperor by the Pope. Only Tolosan emperor to firmly control all parts of the new empire (Aquitania, Provence, and Italy)

Raymond I: 994-996: Brief rule spent largely on tour through Italy

Hugh II: 996-1008: Put down rebellions in Italy and Aquitania

Raymond II: 1008-1015: Successful border in the Spanish March. Quarrels with the Pope over confiscations of church land in Gaul and Italy

Hugh III: 1015-1020: Unsuccessful attempt to enforce imperial rule on the Norse merchants of Bordeaux

William I: 1020-1027

Hugh IV: 1027-1036: Renewed attacks on the Spanish March in the confusion after the breakup of the Umayyad Caliphate.

Pons: 1036-1044: Killed in battle against the Moors

Raymond III: 1044: Deposed by his cousin

Hugh V: 1044-1046: Rule never recognized in Aquitania, assassinated while raising troops in Provence

Arnulf of Albi: 1046-1047: Captured in the Siege of Tolosa, his ransom bankrupts the Kingdom of Aquitania and hastens its collapse.

Burgundian (Bosonid-Ragnarid) dynasty

Godfrey I: 1047-1059: Conquered northern Aquitania and defeated the Moors; successfully defended Provence against another attack. The Pope named him emperor in 1047. Besides the reunification of the empire, Godfrey's reign is remembered for sparking an age of cultural revival and lively religious reform.

Godfrey II: 1059-1090: Moved capital to Massilia and campaigned in the Mediterranean against various Arab powers. Tightened imperial control of the Po valley. Gains at sea were offset by losses in Aquitania to Neustria and the Moors.

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