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Roman Catholics are one of main religions in Premyslid Bohemia timeline with 1,130,000,000 people (73% of Earth population) mostly in Western Empire and some 150,000 in Aztec Empire. Roman Catholics are base of all other Christian religions (9,000,000 people). It originated from extinct Jewish religion in early years of AD. History matched ours to year 1325 when monks started being so corrupted in Hungary that in anger people created Church of Komárno. The church existed from 1325 to 1378 when the town of Komárno was destroyed. The second was Church of Aztecs existing from 1677 to 1835. And third is to this day existing recreated Jewish and combined it with original Christianity it created Church of Christ. It was created in year 2003. Roman Catholics owner pope in Rome. Current one is Gregory XVI (not to be confused with ourpope Gregory XVI ).

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