The Roman-Vatican Empire was the empire that succeeded the Byzantine Empire and the Vatican Empire. It controls all area around the Mediterranean Sea and many colonies across the ocean on other continents. The capital Rome is the largest city in the world. The Vatican Empire were allowed to rule themselves and owned significant off-sea territories. Soon the empires provinces were proclaiming they were their own empires and Emperor Diocletian proclaims this may be the right thing other people think otherwise.

A great general known as General Trajan Caeser takes over as emperor and sends huge armies to crush revolutions. He then proclaims that the Vatican Empire should merge with the Roman Empire. The Vatican Empire refuses though many cardinals want to join. It is said Trajan had the Pope assassinated.

His son Commodus becomes Pope and signs the Holy Roman Treaty. The Pope and Emperor title are merged and Trajan Caeser becomes Emperor of the Roman-Vatican Empire. Tranjan also introduces the Senate to allow the people to pass the laws but he reserves the power to overrule the laws. This unites the empire and fighting calms down.

After Trajan dies Commodus becomes Emperor aged 73 and begins to expand the Empire. He soon spreads into Northern Germany and Eastern Europe. The Nordic Countries are soon conquered the the Empire now controls the entirety of Europe except for Western Russia which is ruled by tribes.

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