After the death of Marcus Aurelius in 180, his successor Lucius Verus takes over the Empire and begins a series of reforms that continue the stability of the Empire.

Continued Expansion

After seeing the victory over the Marcomanni in Germania, the Emperor Verus focused on fortfying the Eastern Provinces in the East aganist the Parthians, a system of forts and watchtowers were constructed along the eastern frontier to guard aganist attack. In the meantime Verus prepares for war in the North hoping to advance to the Elbe River in Germany, as Augustus had attempted to do in his reign. The war aganist the Germans will last two years, as the discipiline of Roman arms proves fruitful. Meanwhile in Britain the Romans finally subdue the Picts and conquer Caledonia bringing the entire island under Roman control by 195. Both the German tribes and the Picts accpet their new overlords with suspicion.

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