Roghaelo is one of the first countries in the world in the Defenders of the Fang timeline. It's an oppressive theocracy tied into the Laghic religion.

Early History

The first city known to archaeology, called Roghelao, was built in OTL Mongolia, about 600,000 years ago. Archaeologists have found evidence of an early caste system and iconography of the Laghic religious beliefs. Herding and craftwork made up the main activities of the city. Domesticated animals such as gharotas (tricorns, a descendant of the triceratops) and logois (a descendant of the brontosaur) were herded for meat; they practiced the arts of scale-carvings, leatherwork, and gold/silversmithing.

Written language was first used, on an obelisk in Roghelao more than 550,000 years ago, commemorating the Roghaelic defeat of the nearby cities of Gheles and Aroghat. Reckoning from the Founding of the City also began in this year- 550,000 ya is 1 FC.

Eventually, the city of Roghelao became the first city-state. Lord Eleo- a member of the priestly Ioghic caste- declared himself King Eleo I. Among his accomplishments, Eleo I irrigated the city with wells and sewers and wrote the first legal code.

In 170 FC, the First Roghic War broke out between Roghelao and Aroghat. Aroghat and Gheles allied to pursue their cause, while Roghelao trained gharotas for war.

In 180 FC, after a long and costly struggle, Aroghat’s greater numbers overpowered Roghelao’s walls and military gharotas. King Eleo I was executed, and Aroghat absorbed Roghelao as a "Protectorate".

For over a thousand years, Roghaelo suffered under Aroghat rule. Then came the Roghaelic Rebellion. The people of Roghelao rebelled against their foreign masters and expelled the Aroghat kings from their homeland. King Eleo II- son of the executed King Eleo I- came to power. One of his most famous acts was the invasion of the city of Gheles. After defeating it, Eleo II declared it part of the "Roghaelic Empire".

Imperial Age

Coming soon

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