Rodrigo Vertucci
President of Cisalpina
In office
Preceded by Silvestro Marconi
Succeeded by Nicoló Donato
Secretary of State of Cisalpina
In office
Preceded by WIP
Succeeded by WIP
Councillor for Lombardia
In office
Succeeded by Silvestro Marconi
Minister of Security of the Danubian Federation
In office
President Vlado Nikolić
Succeeded by Janos Papp
Personal details
Born Rodrigo Vertucci
16th June, 1814
Milan, Lombardia
Political party Federal Democratic Party
Spouse(s) WIP
Children Edoardo Vertucci (Son)
Profession Politician
Religion Roman Catholicism

Rodrigo Vertucci was the Minister of Security and Councillor for Lombardia in the Interactive AAR A Federation of Equals.


Son of a wealthy banker, Rodrigo has a vested interest in economics, which he developed while working under his father's guidance. After going into politics, he used his family's influence to advance his political career. While not too fond of Lombardia's inclusion in the Danubian Federation, as long as Lombardia remains part of the Federation, he will fight for the interests of the Lombard people.

Positions Held

1848 - 1860 - Councillor for Lombardia

1848 - 1852 - Minister of Security

1855 - 1860 - Leader of the Pan-Danubian Party

1860 - Leader of the Federal Democratic Party

1860 - Presidential Candidate for the Federal Democratic Party