Rodrigo Ramón Pineda Tapia (August 9, 1930 - March 2, 1983) was a Chilean Communist Party official, revolutionary, and intelligence officer. Pineda ran the Intelligence and Security Police (PIS) from 1975 until his assassination in 1983 by PyL, initially promoted due to his longstanding loyalty to President Salvador Allende and Party Secretary Miguel Martínez. After ramping up the assassination, abduction and imprisonment of government enemies, Pineda largely ran the PIS without input from the Party, even ignoring Allende's concerns about increasingly erratic behavior. On March 2, 1983, Pineda was assassinated when his car was blown up by a rocket-propelled grenade fired at it while leaving his mansion. In the early 1990s, it was confirmed that Allende and his inner circle had ordered Pineda's lieutenants to ignore any immediate threats to Pineda's security.

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