Rocky Mountains Confederation
Official language English (de facto)
Capital Bismark
Largest city Bismark
First President Alonzo Clark
Last President Stephen McNichols
Population Roughly 13, 000, 000 (1997)
Independence 1931 AD
Dissolved 1997 AD

Originally a nation in the central United States, the RMC suffered a slow and agonizing death in the 1990s. This was to have devastating consequences for the rest of America. The nation collapsed in 1997 into several warlord factions, with various other rogues traveling the countryside. Large areas of the nation got back to a nearly feudal level of existence, some had level of living below the one of Aztlan. This led to the North American War, which killed millions of people. Historians still continue to debate today whether earlier intervention could have saved the RMC from collapse in the way it did.

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