The Rocky Mountain Brotherhood is a bandit alliance that is based mainly in the Rocky Mountains. The Brotherhood was originally a large horde of refugees, however after being refused entry into many of the successor states in North America, mainly the Pacific Alliance, the refugees established a series of bases in the Rocky Mountains and organized themselves into a small army. From their bases in the mountains the Brotherhood raids nearby nations, mainly the Pacific Alliance and the Great Plains Republic, though raiders have also attacked Confederate towns in Texas. The Brotherhood even burned down Denver, the capitol of the Republic of Colorado. 


The Rocky Mountain Brotherhood began as several large groups of refugees, attempting to cross the Rocky Mountains to enter the fertile fields of the Great Plains Republic. Numerous stories had spread about the bountiful harvests there and the immense amounts of food. However the GPR was unprepared to support and aid such a large amount of refugees, so they blocked the mountain passes with armed soldiers and forced the refugees back. Hundreds died as the starving refugee groups trekked across the frozen mountains in the middle of winter. However, upon reaching the other side they found that the new governments on the West Coast didn't want them either, and the refugee groups were often attacked by soldiers and raiders, who kidnapped the women while killing the men. Finally, one refugee, Joseph Borell, led a group of refugees in the mountains where he established a hidden base. He  then organized the refugee into a militant group, training them in the arts of guerrilla warfare. As word spread of a base in the mountains, hundreds of refugees came seeking aid and, unlike the others, Borell took them in and sheltered them. From their base in the Rocky Mountains the refugees, now calling themselves the Rocky Mountain Brotherhood, launched numerous attacks on GPR towns, looting and taking women and food back into the mountains. They also attacked the Pacific Alliance as well, and in one instance significantly defeated a PA army at the Battle of Denver. As more and more people began to join the Brotherhood and more and more weapons were stolen from the GPR and PA, the Brotherhood turned from a nuisance into a sizeable force to be reckoned with. 

Outlaw Band 

The Rocky Mountain Brotherhood has been decalred an outlaw band by every nation in North America. Members of the Brotherhood are not treated as prisoners of war but as criminals, and most are tortured for information before being hanged or shot. The Brotherhood currently has twelve bases in the Rocky Mountains, as far North as Canada and as far South as New Mexico. The exact size of the group is not known, but the estimate for their fighting force is about 9,000 heavily armed men. 

Major Conflicts

Though the Brotherhood is constantly skirmishing and raiding enemy governments, only a few attempts have been made to crush the Brotherhood. 

Great Plains Republic

Battle of Oregon Trail: Two thousand GPR soldiers marched into the mountains, hoping to find and destroy the RMB bases and end the outlaw band once and for all. However, at the Battle of the Oregon Trail the column was attacked and annihalted in an ambush set by the Brotherhood, who killed every soldier, leaving no prisoners.

Pacific Alliance

Battle of Denver: A raiding party of about 600 men moved into Colorado, sacking and looting small villages in the state. They then marched on Denver, hoping to sack the city and send a message to the Pacific Alliance. However the Pacific Alliance sent a large force of 3,500 men to stop them, but at the Battle of Denver the force was routed entirely. The raiders then burned Denver to the ground before retreating back into the mountains, their greatest victory yet. 

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