Robinson Chen (Born Octobet 3rd 1983) is the field worker and chief engineer of the TFDU and the first Asian to join the team. He was once a soldier in the PLA after graduating with flying colors from the PLA National Defence University at the age of 2006.  However, in 2011, he mysteriously immigrated to the U.S. He then became a part of the TFDU. However, it seems there is something he is trying to keep a secret of.

Robinson Chen is the first Asian operative of the TFDU. Starting as an agent, he now works as a part of the Engineer and Eraser team. However, he prefer to go on missions, which he calls "exciting".

Early Life

Born on October 3rd 1983 in a Chinese family in Wuhan, Robinson's childhood was not easy. His mother, a military doctor was married to his father, a lieutenant. His father has fought in many wars, including the Sino-Vietnam war. 5 years after his birth, his parents were off to fight a skirmish in the South China Sea. Although, they won the battle, his parents were killed during the attack. After his parents death, Robinson was adopted by his father's friend, who didn't have a children. Robinson is a smart child, excelling in sports and in academics. However, he has a love of his nation and the Communist party, influenced by his father. At age 8, he joined the Young Pioneers of China. At the age of 14, he joined the Communist Youth League of China. As a aspiring member of the Youth League, he was able to join the PLA National Defence University, where he graduated Advanced Defence and Strategy with flying colors. His thesis was "the effective use of espionage in today's battlefield".

Ministry of National Security Career

After his graduation in the PLA national Defence University, he became a member of the Ministry of National Security, the top spy agency of China. in 2008, he uncovered a possible Tibetan Revolution against PRC and destroyed the relationship between the main Tibetan mafia /patriotic groups of Ali, Lhasa and Qamdo. Due to his actions, the 2008 Tibetan riots was much slower than it could have been and was then crushed by the PLA and the Chinese police force. Due to his success, he also became the second in command of field duties during the World Fair 2010 in Shanghai, stopping a Uighur attack on the Chinese pavillion.


In 2011, he immigrated to the U.S, saying he was prosecuted by the Chinese high command. The CIA, knowing about his records in MNS, immediately let him come into the US and after a thorough check by the CIA and NSA, he was asked to "voluntarily" join the CIA, NSA, FBI or the TFDU. He chose the TFDU and became an aspiring agent. He rose up the ranks and become a eraser in 1 year and a half. However, it seems that he is keeping something secret.

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