Robert Todd Lincoln, son of Abraham Lincoln, became president upon the death of President Chester Arthur who had just been defeated in the elections by Grover Cleveland. He had been selected for Secretary of State, which was next in line of succession. President Arthur had neglected to choose a vice president. His first term was uneventful, lasting only from November 1886 to March 1887. However, he would be the Republican choice for president in 1890, running with James Blaine as his vice president. He won that election in a landslide primarily due to name recognition.

2nd Term

After winning the election in 1892, Lincoln passes the McKinley Tariff, greatly raising tariff rates. 1893 Panic

A depression begins in 1894, partly due to the tariffs and silver purchase act. The Republican Party is mostly blamed for it.

Repeal of Sherman Silver Purchase Act

The Sherman Silver Purchase Act, passed in 1890 under Cleveland, is repealed in 1894 in order to straighten out the economy.

Pullman Strike

A series of strikes break out across the country. The Pullman strike paralyzes transportation until President Lincoln sends in troops to break it up.

1893 Annexation of Hawaii

Robert Lincoln accepts Hawaii's offer to be annexed by the United States.

1896 Presidential Election

The Democratic Party nominates William Jennings Bryan. In the midst of the depression, he proves undefeatable, and Lincoln loses the election.

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