Robert Nixon (born July 17, 1928) is a retired American Nationalist politician who served as a US Senator for Huron from October 24, 1961 until January 3, 1997. Nixon, who succeeded his father Harry as Senator upon his father's death, was the longest-serving Senator in Huron history, serving over thirty-five consecutive years prior to his retirement. Prior to becoming Senator, Nixon was the State Senator for Brant County from 1955 until his appointment (this was prior to one-man, one-vote reforms enacted in 1962), where he served as Senate Majority Leader for one term (1959-1961). Nixon was regarded as a moderate within his party and served as Senate Minority Whip from 1969-1973 and Senate Minority Leader from 1973-1979, when he was ousted in a conservative coup by Jim Bonney. Nixon was close to a later leader, John Behr, and later settled in as the ranking member on the Senate Budget Committee in the 1990s, being its chairman from 1995 until his retirement.

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