Robert Louis-Patric Legrange (October 19, 1779-April 3, 1847) was a French general and politician during the early years of the French Empire. He is regarded as one of the most influential men in French history and his legacy is often muddled due to his compliance and execution of a variety of atrocities, including the Russian Purges and similar acts during the War of Napoleonic Succession. Legrange formed the inaugural General Staff of the French Empire and was a de facto military dictator for much of the War of Napoleonic Succession, distributing his own military orders without consulting Emperor Napoleon II or his Minister of State, Raphael de Aubergine. He was exiled to England after the defeat of Napoleonic forces and the ascension of Louis I to the throne, and died of cancer in 1847. Due to his loss of his left eye during the Battle of Grenoble in 1813, he was often known as "One-Eye" or "Cyclops," and was famous for the eyepatch he wore in public, due to the discomfort glass eyes caused him.

Early Life

Imperial Wars

Post-War Military Career

Political Career

War of Napoleonic Succession

Exile and Death

Following the coronation of Louis I, Legrange was tried for treason by a court of his own peers as an example to other generals who had supported Napoleon II. However, due to his brilliant career in the Imperial Wars and in the 1820's, Legrange was spared execution and exiled from his beloved France to live in England. He took up residence at Blaine House near London, where he wrote his biography.

In April of 1847, he passed away in his sleep at the age of 67, having suffered for months from symptoms indicating cancer. He was buried on the property of Blaine House a few days later, and English records officially stated that his death was on April 3. His remains were finally returned to France in 1870 as per request of the Emperor Philippe, where they were interred in the Hotel des Invalides.

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