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{{Infobox president |name          = Barack Obama |office        = [[List of Presidents of the United States|44th]] [[President of the United States]] |image         = President Barack Obama.jpg |predecessor   = [[George W. Bush]] |successor     = |vicepresident = [[Joe Biden]] |signature     = Barack Obama signature.svg |district2     = 13th |predecessor2  = [[Alice Palmer (politician)|Alice Palmer]] |successor2    = [[Kwame Raoul]] |party         = [[Democratic Party (United States)|Democratic]] |jr/sr1        = United States Senator |predecessor1  = [[Peter Fitzgerald (politician)|Peter Fitzgerald]] |state1        = Illinois |successor1    = [[Roland Burris]] |state_senate2 = Illinois |birth_name    = Barack Hussein Obama II |birth_date    = {{Birth date and age|1961|8|4}} |birth_place   = [[Honolulu]], Hawaii, U.S. |spouse        = {{Marriage|[[Michelle Obama | Michelle Robinson]]|October 3, 1992}} |children      = Malia<br />Sasha |parents       = [[Ann Dunham|Stanley Ann Dunham]]<br />[[Barack Obama Sr.]] |residence     = [[White House]] |alma_mater    = [[Occidental College]]<br />[[Columbia College, Columbia University|Columbia University]]<br />[[Harvard Law School|Harvard University]] |religion      = [[Protestantism]] |website       = {{URL||White House}}<br />{{url||Organizing for Action}}<br />{{URL||Obama Foundation}} |awards        = [[Nobel Peace Prize]] {{small|([[2009 Nobel Peace Prize|2009]])}} |term_start    = January 20, 2009 |term_end      = |term_start1   = January 3, 2005 |term_end1     = November 16, 2008 |term_start2   = January 8, 1997 |term_end2     = November 4, 2004 }}

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