220px-Robert Bentley

Robert J. Bentley, 5th President of the Confederate States.

Robert J. Bentley
Timeline: The Hammer, The Sickle, The Earth

5th President
June 5th, 2008 - August 19th, 2010

Predecessor Mike Huckabee
Successor Jim Folsom Jr.
Born February 3, 1943
Columbiana, Alabama, USA
Political Party Independence
Profession Politician

Robert Julian Bentley was the President of the Confederate States of America from 2008 to 2010, after the death of President Mike Huckabee in the nuclear bombing of Arlington.

Bentley was one of the original founders of the Independence Party who met in Charleston, South Carolina to found the Party. Upon Huckabee's election to Confederate President, Bentley became Vice President.

From Reston, Virginia, Bentley led the Confederate States in the final year of the Fourth World War against the Soviet Union. With the Confederate lines falling as the Red Army marched through Northern Virginia, Bentley deperately tried to rally whatever armies he could to stop the Soviet advance. Eventually, the Confederates lost so much of its army that Bentley's primary defenders were from the Republic of the Middle Atlantic and the Republic of Pennsylvania. Even so, in 2009, the Soviet Union reached Fairfax County. After 3 days of bombardment, Bentley declared that the Confederate States, and all its allies, surrendered, ending the Fourth World War. Bentley represented the Confederacy at the Geneva Peace Accords.

In the postwar environment, Bentley's Independence Party became increasingly reviled, becoming the party that "Lost the War", in the words of several news columnists. This was shown in the Confederate elections of 2010, when the Independence Party's candidate, Newt Gingrich lost to Jim Folsom Jr., of the newly founded Party for Peace.