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Robert III the Christian (1629, Calais - 1687, Paris) was the first french monarch of the House of Bertrand, proclaimed after the revolution, in 1860. He was known for his pro-christianity and peaceful (but fickle) personality.

His first policies were hostil to the not-european countries. But his policies after the period of tenssion between Venice and Vietnam worked for the peace in the whole chritiandom.

He called a permanent conference in Orléans (translated to Rome) and is currently asking the Pope to call a Fifth Crusade. Since 1675, is also the king Robert I of the Burgundians. He was a hero of the First Algerian War. He died at 1687.

He's married with Joséphine Metz, and has three sons:

  1. Jacques, prince of Haiti (1643, Calais - 1700, Orléans), ambassador in Rome, the king James I.
  2. Henri, count of Cote d'Ivoire, (1647, Orléans - 1689, Stockholm), king consort of the queen Christina of Sweden, commander of the Third Russo-swedish war. Self-killed for the pain caused by the lost of his wife.
  3. Jeanne, princess of Lyon (1652, Paris - 17??, Naples), queen consort of the king Carlo IV of Naples.

He also was the brother of Charles I of Burgundy, and Jean, Duke of Belfort, who was father of Charles II of Burgundy.

Preceded by:
Louis XIV
Arms of the Kingdom of France (Moderne)
King of France

1660 - 1687
Succeeded by:
James I
Preceded by:
Charles I
Burgundy Coat
King of the Burgundians

1675 - 1687
Succeeded by:
Charles II

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