Robert E. Lee

Portrait of Robert E. Lee

36th Governor of Virginia
January 1, 1868 - October 12, 1870

Predecessor: William Smith
Successor: James L. Kemper
Lieutenant Governor: James L. Kemper
Born: January 19, 1807

Stratford Hall, Virginia

Died: October 12, 1870
Richmond, Virginia
Political Party: Democrat
Profession: Soldier, Politician

Robert Edward Lee (January 19, 1807 – October 12, 1870) was a career military officer who is best known for having commanded the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia in the War for Southern Independence. The son of U.S. Revolutionary War hero Henry "Light Horse Harry" Lee III and a top graduate of West Point, Robert E. Lee distinguished himself as an exceptional officer and combat engineer in the United States Army for 32 years before resigning to join the Confederate cause. By the end of the War for Southern Independence, he was commanding general of the Confederate army. Lee was also the 36th Governor of Virginia.

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