This is a conference regarding two issues in the Middle East: Militarization, and Decolonization. 

Invited Nations

Only these nations may comment on the discussions.

  • Saudi Arabia (Host)
  • The United Kingdom
  • Federation of the Americas
  • France
  • Kurdistan
  • Turkey
  • Iran



  • Saudi Arabia continues to request a gradual British and French deconolonization in the Middle East, to let people govern themselves but to ensure that communism does not spread.
  • British Diplomacy: We have already stated that we will leave the Middle-East once hostilities die down. You proved to be a safe country for a short time and then you decided to join the Southern Defence Pact, an organisation that refuses to trade with other nations, is isolationist, unethical, and we have reason to believe it's main purpose for creation was simply to decolonise both British and French global territories. After we told you that we would not leave multiple times and then you called on your ally: The Federation of the Americas. You have overwhelmingly militerised the Arabian peninsula. We, along with other members of the EU, believe that you are planning to launch a war of some sorts and take over all of Arabia. Honestly we no longer trust you after all of this and if you continue to militarise we will not leave and will build up military also. But we are willing to grant special authority to our areas in the Middle-East. From this point onward all of our territory in the Middle-East will be seen as Specially Administered Zones of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. This will help to ensure that these colonies and protectorates are able to stay stable after we've left. But, we will not leave until the Federation demiliterises.
  • Saudi Arabia would like to remind people of our size. The troop numbers are wrong, because Saudi Arabia had about 4 million people at this time. We therefore have a small military, and wanted the Federation's help to ensure that communism does not spread to us and that our shipping routes are not cut off should a war develop in a British colony, before or after they leave. We would not feel safe with British decolonization without these Federation bases.
  • Federation Dip: The Federation cites our overwhelming presence in the area as of late and inform the British that your colonial empire no longer has a place here. You may be against decolonizing in the face of a Federation military presence but you have proven nothing but belligerent in politics for nearly 130 years. Your colonial empire will serve more of a purpose to a degree in Africa to prevent a spread of communism. In Arabia not so much. The British empire in the Middle East does nothing but tie up oil reserves and cause further issues. your nation in its imperial era invaded every country in the world except a handful and you don't trust us? Your nation is battered and Broken, is a failing end of life colonial empire, and you want to make demands. Your lucky you survived the war much less still maintain and empire. Our Bases stay and if you refuse to leave until they do, then ill let the Arabian peoples do our work for us in due time. If you are more amiable to a peaceful decolonization then i suggest working on it before the Arabian people decide for themselves they are tired of your imperialistic attitude. All this looks to them is a bold attempt to use the Federation as an excuse to keep your colonies. Saudi Arabia, your former protectorate broke from your sphere and you essentially lost your political head and have been nothing but belligerent. If you cannot handle this decision maybe ill call in the United States to Mediate since they have been clamoring for you to decolonize certain territories.
  • Saudi Arabia: We were scared of you, because of your involvement in the EU, where you made a resolution specifically calling the SDP enemies. Once again, we have a tiny military, and if the Federation and you both leave, that could leave us at risk of having civil war spill over, or for a hostile nation to us to develop and seize our ships. We do not think that the SDP is unethical, and we have no intentions to launch a war against Britain (though I don't know about the Federation). We suggest to see what happens if you leave one small colony, we suggest Bahrain, Kuwait or Qatar, and see what the results are. Otherwise, we like that you have switched colonies to protectorate, as this is in line with our gradual decolonization plan.
  • Federation Dip: The Federation is in line with Saudi Arabia currently. We have no reason to go to war with the British but their belligerent attitude and the absolute refusal to accept the Federation involvement as beneficial is hurting the attempts at Decolonization. The Federation agrees with the Saudi Arabian diplomats that one or two small colonies should be released (Abu Dhabi and Kuwait) in order to facilitate a process towards responsible independence as well as to gauge what happens. The SDC in general is not your enemy but making resolutions in earnest to further isolate and make us your enemy, will without surprise make us your enemy...
  • French Dip: The French will not promise to decolonize the region. However, due to the shifting geopolitical situation in the region Paris is open to negotiations in a separate forum to determine the fate of the French mandates in the region. 
  • British Diplomacy: We agree with Saudi Arabia's proposal and are willing to give independence to some of the smaller colonies. Our first step we have taken to do so is turned them into specially administered zones. We will respect you as we do not wish to make enemies with you but if we are to begin decolonising we think the SDP, especially the nation of Saudi Arabia, should end it's isolationism, at least in the field of trading. The Arabian Peninsula has the most abundant supply of oil in the world. It is not fair to other nations for you to keep a large portion of that oil to yourself and your allies. 
  • Saudi Arabia: We are extremely grateful to Britain for agreeing to gradual decolonization (as we proposed in 1948, by the way). We will not trade oil with other countries, as one of the founding tenets of the SDP is our attempt to eventually form an autarky. However, due to our gratefulness, we will gradually demilitarize, just as you gradually decolonize. Our first step will be to withdraw all troops from borders with British Colonies. We would still like to keep one Federation military/marines base, one air force base, and two naval bases (one on Red Sea and one on Arabian Sea) in our country, but we will try to ensure that we will not let any extra military bases be built, nor allow any bases to be close to your colonies. Finally, we still would like to bring attention to your condemnation of the SDP, as we think that it has caused some of the tensions between us. We will officialize our actions soon in an SDP resolution.
    • Turkey: We echo the sentiments of the Saudi Arabians in that the condemnation of the SDP must be discussed (in the "SDP, NATO, and EU" section, of course)
    • British Diplomacy: Well the EU was planning to be part of this discussion as one unified body but since I am one of the founders I will represent it in this discussion.
  • Kurdistan supports eventual decolonization of both British and French colonies in the Middle East, but believes that both countries should do so in their own time, albeit with the assistance of stable nations in the region, in order to facilitate easy transfers. Kurdistan will also sell oil to all comers and would like to partner with the British or French to pipe it to a port.
  • Saudi Arabia: It has been a year since you agreed to decolonize in Arabia, and we demilitarized. Sadly, we've seen no results other than a collapsing Egypt and a free Israel, which we will not recognize. There has been no decolonization in Arabia. Now Kurdistan, which is being led by radical nationalists, ask for decolonization to be sped up so that they can grow their borders, instead of independence for Muslims as Saudi Arabia has been pushing for. We asked for a detailed plan as to how you'll decolonize. We're now demanding one.
  • British Diplomacy: Our king is terminally ill so please forgive us for the plans not being finished as soon as you'd like. The next state we will decolonise is Kuwait & Abu Dhabi will come after. We must remind you that we were practically forced out of Egypt before it was ready to be independent which is why it is currently crumbling and the creation of Israel is long overdue so we ask you to formally recognise it as a sovereignty.


  • Turkey: The Turkish PM, Hasan Saka, and the Turkish foreign minister are highly alarmed at the EU's public condemnation of the SDP. Turkey is fully aware of the tensions between the two organizations, but we believe it is entirely ridiculous to declare the SDP as a hostile entity right after we exited the most destructive war in human history. Hasan Saka calls on the EU to reconsider its condemnation of the Southern Defense Pact. He says that it is fine that the EU views the SDP warily, but to declare it as a hostile entity is plain warmongering. Hasan Saka is also willing to have Turkey act as an observer of the EU and perhaps a mediator between the EU and SDP.
  • Saudi Arabia agrees with Turkey. We are appalled that the EU would condemn the SDP, which seeks to become another world--peaceful, almost unknowing of the rest of the world, yet self sufficient and isolated. We feel that this will provide best for our people. However, the EU has made a pact of negative reciprocity with just the SDP, not with any other nation. For example, if the USSR were to invade an EU member, no EU member would be required to help that country. But if a war were to break out between Saudi Arabia and the British, only over British colonies, ALL EU members would be required to help Britain. This seems extremely unfair and immoral, as communism is the true issue.
  • British Diplomacy: We understand your reaction but one of the main reasons that we did declare the SDP an enemy is that it was targeting (and continues to) target imperial colonies and refuses to trade with non-members. Although we too would like to ease the tensions between our organisations. I cannot speak for the entirety of the EU but I think they would agree. We may remove the SDP from our list of enemies but we think that it would be best for everyone if you do not target anymore colonies unless they are controlled by communists. We also ask once again for the SDP to open trade to other nations but if you do not wish to do so we understand. The United Kingdom has recognised that both the EU & the SDP have a common enemy: The communists. We propose the creation of the Nations Against Communism or the NAC. There it will not matter which orgnisation we are a part of. All that will matter is how we can eliminate communism from the face of our Earth. We ask you to consider this and if you think it is a good idea we would like for you to tell us via talk page or this document or the map game page. Thank you.
  • Saudi Arabia agrees with the formation of the NAC. Also, the SDP, at least for now, will trade with other nations, just Saudi Arabia will not trade oil with non-members and the SDP would like to become less reliant on foreign goods.
  • Turkey: We once more echo the statements of Saudi Arabia. Turkey officially endorses the creation of the NAC and wants to also mention that the SDP is willing to engage in trade and foreign affairs, but also places self-reliance on a more prioritized pedestal.
  • Although a member of neither alliance, Kurdistan endorses the creation of the NAC and would be willing to host multinational NAC bases near its border with Soviet Armenia, as well as join and contribute to the alliance.

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