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Naval Ensign of Japan
788px-Japanese Empire - 1942.svg
What if Japan had won WW-II ? Say America never won the Battle of Midway.

Although Germany lost, the Battle of Midway started as normal. Japan's navy advanced onto Midway. But they had 19 submarines with them. The subs went forward to try to sink America's carriers; most of the subs were destroyed, but the extra two submarines managed to sink the American carriers, meaning no aircraft from the Americans were forced back beyond Midway, enabling the Japanese to capture the island. Later, the invasion of Hawaii meant that the American navy was too weak. Soon after, the Americans surrender. This meant Japan held the islands it had captured. The final attacks on China meant Japan had huge amounts of land. Seemingly unstoppable, Japan made plans to attack India, Mongolia and Nepal. Spies in India worked out Japan's plan, making the West Asian allies against Japan.

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