The major and rising economies of Energy Crisis 1980.

The Next 20

As predicted by major financial agencies, the Next 20 are the top 20 largest economies of the next century.


The Next 20 is not exactly a "club", but anyway, the countries are as follows:




Costa Rica



South Africa

Saudi Arabia






Khazak SSR


The Philippines





The economies include four in Latin America, three in Africa, six in the Middle East, one in Central Asia, four in South East Asia, and two in Europe.

The Economies

Venezuela, a newly rising energy state and also regional power in Latin America, and recently opening up due to the USSR weakening, is classified as a rising economy because of its high levels of integration in the region.

Chile and Argentina, some of the most developed countries in Latin America, are not necessarily any different with other South American states, but they are important geo-politically. The rise in global trade is expected to gain them riches. An alliance between them may get them a large boom.

Costa Rica is rising dramatically to rival Mexico, with the Costa Rican market larger than that of Brazil and Mexico. Its power is undeniable, and it is now investing internationally.

Egypt is undeniably geo-politically powerful yet owns riches in Asia, has good relations with many Middle Eastern countries which are oil-rich. Egypt is also a key African choke point. The Suez Canal oil is even better to it.

Algeria is now rapidly rising as the Algiers Stock Exchange is a key African one. Its African and Middle Eastern interests are very much secured.

South Africa, also geo-politically powerful, is home to a number of transport hubs. Durban is also madly integrating.

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