Alternate History Ideas 2 C

The world in 2012 C.E.


Rise of the King is an alternate history set in a world where a monarchy was installed in America instead of a democratic republic. This leads to many more differences and conflicts throughout world history.

Basic History

American Revolution. Main Article: Imperial States of America

The main POD in this world is following the success of the American Revolution, George Washington installs a Oligarchic Monarchy as the American government and names his new nation The Imperial States of America. As the new King, Washington begins a new massive expansion to drive out the remaining British forces from the Empire and by 1780 he is successful in not only driving out the last of the Red Coats but also annexing Florida from the Spanish. 

Europe. Main Article: European Union

Due to the French government backing the Americans in their revolutionary war the French economy had been severely damaged and soon revolts began in the late 1780s to call for a reform of government. Napoleon Bonaparte still seizes power in France and begins to work with the Imperial States of America (I.S.A.) to destroy Britain. in 1799 His majesty King George dies and his son Thomas is named Emperor at 19 years of age. King Thomas and Napoleon begin to discus a joint military and colonial venture beginning in 1804 and the ISA acquires the Louisiana territory in 1805. When Napoleon declared war on Britain in 1812 the Americans began attacking British controlled Canada. Napoleon successfully invades Great Britain and destroys its infrastructure collapsing the British Empire causing many colonies to either declare independence or join with larger more powerful nations. Napoleon's conquests continued until 1815 where after his disastrous defeat in a failed attempt to invade Russia, Napoleon was beheaded in Prussia for war crimes. The entire continent of Europe fell into chaos due to the widespread destruction left behind by the French military and in 1845 signed a unified constitution created in League of Europe (Later the European Union).

Brazil. Main Article: Republic of Brazil

As most of the European empires had collapsed their colonies were forced to become self sufficient. Brazil was the largest colony of Portugal and had been working to become independent before Napoleon had wiped out most of Europe. Pedro II had reorganized the colony into a large and prosperous nation that would grow to dominate the South American continent. The Republic was officially established in 1856 and is a close ally of the ISA. 

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