What if the Vikings had stayed in North America and even dispersed throughout the continent? How would North America and it's people be different?

987 A.D - 1030 A.D

Leif Erikisson had established the first permanent colony in Greenland. He and his crew then seek to travel back to Greenland from Norway in order to convert the Greenlander settlers to Christianity. They are later blown off course and end up in a land they call Vinland. A camp was set up in Vinland with some of his children and his father, Erik the Red.

Eventually, Leif's brother named Thorvald Erikisson sailed with a 30 man crew to Newfoundland and attacked around nine native American men that were found sleeping in canoes. One of the men managed to survive and came back to the Norse settlement with a raiding team. Thorvald was then killed and the surviving crew fled back to Greenland.

In 1009, Thorfinn the Valiant sailed along with three ships filled with livestock and between about 160 and 250 men and women, sailed to the lands of Straumsöy. A more peaceful relationship between natives and Vikings became settled, the two groups of people would frequently trade milk and cheese for gray squirrel pelts and other animal skins.

This settlement became a permanent one as many of the natives and Norse started to intermingle. Clothing was a commodity traded amongst the people. The Norse would trade bodices and the natives would trade special red cloth used for headdresses. Livestock was less commonly traded as natives had little to trade in that area. The natives came into possession of sheep, however they had a strong fright for larger livestock like cattle.

1030 A.D - 1075 A.D

Most of the settlements started to lean more towards independence form any country, more trading and interaction between the Norse and the natives on their ideals and ways of life, had left the lines between the two people a little more blurred.

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