“Give me a place to stand and I will move the earth.”

-Homer, 750 BC

The heroic Trojan wars are responsible for shaping much of the West. From the way battles are waged to honor codes to glorious stories of brevity, this war more than any other is the war that embodied what the western world would become. The mythical Trojan War, waged over three thousand years ago, was fought between the Mycenea of Greece and the mighty armies of Troy in Asia Minor. The war ended in the slaughter of the Trojans and the burning of Troy at the hands of the victorious Myceneans. The few survivors of the Trojan war, notably Aeneas, allegedly fled to Italy to begin a mighty civilization that would, in a thousand years, stretch across the Mediterranean.

What if the Trojans hadn't fallen? What if the city of Troy remained unburned, its people living to fight a new day? What if the Myceneans had lost the battle of Troy?

The Greeks have a word for those who show bravery in combat: Arete. What word do the Trojans have? Hector.


Akhilleus Patroklos Antikensammlung Berlin F2278

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