Please be aware that bold means a true event.
Yin yang

If there is to be peace in the world...

In this timeline, the Taoist religion spreads around the world more then it did in our timeline


Kuomintang, Chinese Nationalist Party, embraces Taoism instead of science and modernism.


1912: Republic of China created. Kuomintang embraces Taoism.

1914: A offshoot full Nationalist Taoist Party is created, Taoist Nationalist Party.

1918: Republic of China's official religion is changed to Taoism and I Ching, Tao Te Ching and Zhuangzi are recognised as the country's holy books.

1949: People's Republic of China is created. Taoism is outlawed in China but it has already spread to other East Asian countries.

1950s: Communism rises in North Vietnam. Taoism also becomes popular. This starts a rift between North Vietnam and China.

1953: Taoism comes popular in Laos.

1955: Despite the ideological differences, North Vietnam and Laos start becoming allies because of Taoism.

1958: Laos comes under free association with North Vietnam.

1961: North Vietnam invades South Vietnam.

1975: Vietnam is unified under communist rule.

1977: Vietnam is suspected for secretly supporting Taoist revolts in China.

1978: Vietnam invades Kampuchea (Nowadays Cambodia).

1979: China declares war on Vietnam and Laos because of the Taoist rift between China and Vietnam. Kampuchea surrenders and becomes communist.

12th June - 19th June 1980: In the Chinese city of Yinchuan, a peaceful pro-Taoist protest occurs. The Chinese government commits a massacre, killing all of the protesters.

1980: After the Yinchuan massacre, China decides to silence anything to do with Taoism and the previous massacre. This starts the Taoist Genocide.

22nd July 1983: The president of China, Li Xiannian who was president since 18th June 1983, was shot by a man. No one, to this day, knows who he was and why he shot Li Xiannian. He is now known as the 'Chinese Assassin'.

1983: After the shooting, Vietnam attacked the Chinese city of Chongzou and found evidence of the Taoist Genocide which around 19 thousand people died, around 17 thousand were Taoists.

1984: China offers a peace agreement with Vietnam. It is signed in Vietnam's capital, Hanoi.

1985: The Union of Indochina is created.

1986: Soviet Union starts coming under pressure as Taoism is spreading to China and China started going against the Soviet 'warmongering ways'.

1987: China, Vietnam and America become allies which also weakens the Soviet Union.

1989: The Berlin Wall falls.

1989: The Soviet Union collapses.

1992: Laos, Kampuchea and Vietnam combine to become the 'People's Republic of Indochina'. The country's capital is Hanoi.

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