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The Rise Of Nazi Germany

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The rise of Nazi Germany began during the early days of the Spanish Civil War. Through political and military connections Austria became part of Nazi Germany. With this extra power, the Nazi's were getting closer to winning the Spanish Civil War and joining of western Czechoslovakia allowed what Fascism will be doing.

The Italian Merging

Increase of Italy's Fascists merge with Nazi Germany there was a backup plan with southern mainland Italy, its islands and African Colony would remain Italian. With this merging plan was put into practise and the war in Spain won. This caused quite a few things to happen. Firstly plans for the invasion of Western Poland were put into action, The Conquest of the North-Western European Coast was about to happen. A aggression pact was signed between Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, Czechoslovakian Republic and the Soviet Union. Finally with these invasions put in place, the British Empire and France declared war on these four countries.

R.O.N.G-West Checkslovkia support for revege

War Plans

Nazi Germany made invasion plans to invade Denmark, France and Switzerland. While the Czechoslovakian Republic made plans to invade East Poland and Romania.


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