In this alternate timeline the Mongal Empire doesn't fall as it orders new administrative staff from Europe to stop it from falling.

Succession of Genghis Khan

When Genghis Khan died in 1227 his son Ögedei Khan succeeded him. Ögedei expanded the white further and led the Mongals into a group of wars with the North African kingdoms, he led his men downwards and attacked the Mamluk kingdoms and by 1230 he had control over the far east of the Mediterranean. The Mongals then invaded up to the Byzantium Empire in the land of the Turks by 1232. By this time the Byzantium Empire was already falling  because of economic problems and so it called for the help of all other Eastern Orthodox countries however it never received a reply and they fell to the Mongols by 1234. The Catholic world feared the Mongals invading their lands so the papacy called for all Catholic countries to form a united front against the Mongals, this was successful and Europe claimed this to be the age of the New Crusades. A Byzantine soldier hid near the protected Khan when he was visiting Constantinople in 1237 and using the bow of a Mongal, he assassinated Ögedei. He was later found killed and Constantinople was burned so much that only a desert like place remains where it once stood.

​Güyük Khan

Güyük replaced Ögedei and was furious at the Byzantium Empire that he ordered that his men be pitted against the north east European nations in revenge. The campaign was successful but many women were raped and an estimated 17,000 children were killed and by 1243 all Mongal borders in the west were touching Catholic countries, tensions rose between the two  great powers but Güyük still maintained the Mongal secular policy. However the full focus on the west had allowed bandits from India and South East Asia into the empire and now thieves attacked important trade routes and Europe was left in peace.

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