After a rise in nationalist feelings throughout Manchuria, The Nationalist Manchurian Party was formed. Originally formed to try and present a united front to bring their complaints to the Communist government, but after the government massacred 300 party members in Harbin in 1954 their priorities changed. Now they strove to gather enough support to declare independence, but instead of a puppet state, like they were as Manchukuo, this time, they were determined to be their own independent leaders. Chin-tsai Hsu, a nationalist from Taiwan became the first official party leader and spearheaded Manchurian independence. On May 24, Manchuria declared independence from China with Harbin as its capital.


Asia Map - Rise of Manchuria Map is current.

Important Events

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February 16, 1954
The Nationalist Party of Manchuria is founded.
October 30, 1954
Harbin Massacre takes place.
May 24, 1955
Manchuria declares independence from China.
May 25, 1955 - February 10, 1956
War for independence takes place.
August 1, 1956 - October 5, 1957
The Manchu-Korean War takes place.
November 24, 1957
The Yīqǐ jīzhǎng is formed.
December 12, 1957
Chin-tsai Hsu dies. Tzeng Nianzu becomes president.

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