The Mongolian Empire never splits up. Within a few years Berlin, then Rome has fallen to the Mongols, changing European History Forever. The Black Death would be worse, killing over 75% of Europeans, the Mongols would help in the rebuilding and most Europeans would come to see them selves as Mongols. The Mongols would invade North America and Kingdoms like Mali would become superpowers and trade hubs

Points of Divergence

  • The Normans never invade Ireland and the Kingdom of Uì Neill conquers the whole island by 1264.
  • Ireland annexed the Kingdom of Scotland in 1402 after a heated war with England which left them bankrupt.
  •  The Mongols discovers America first .
  • The Mongols expand as far as Rome and Berlin in Europe.
  • Buddhism and Yuan and Mongol Culture lead to a Easternized World

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