Chapter 1. The Rise of Italy.

The Rise of Italy's journey begins with Marco Polo and his trips into Asia. Marco Polo wrote a travelogue on his wonderful journeys from Constantinople all the way to East Asia. On his journeys he even met with Kublai Khan. Well during later but no to late of his life he was held captive and POW by Genoa during the Battle of Curzola. Well after his death in the mid 14th century during height of the Plague, all of the Italian city states including the Papacy wanted a United Italy under the grace of the Church. Well, all of the City-states, including the Most Serene republics of Genoa and Venice, agreed to united Italy under Country and God. May 7th of 1408 become the year of Italian unification. With the Church starting to take a back seat without too much financial strains much of the Protestant Reformation never occurring. Most of Europe is either Catholic or Eastern Orthodox with exception of Anglican Church of England. Italy goes on to become a great power.
Italy Pre 1408

Italia Pre-1408

Italia 1400

Red=Nuova Italia. Blue=New England. Grey=New Greater Prussia. Light Blue=Russia

Chapter 2. Becoming a Power.

In the Late 15th Century as England becomes a powerful nation by conquering and annexing Scotland, Ireland, Wales and Most of France. A Italian explorer who is heavily and in love influence by the Works of Marco Polo by the name of Christopher Columbus is hired by the United Serene Republics of Italia and the Church to find a trade route to East Asia but stumbles on OTL America. As he brings back things from the New World. The Serene Republics of Italia send Columbus to colonize the New World with conquering all of South America an half of Central America up to OTL Oklahoma. Nuova Italia is the Colony name in the New World. England Conquers more than OTL from New England to Rockies except Canada. Prussia Colonizes All of Canada and West America. Russia well Alaska. In the Early 16th Century, Castile and Aragon fell into war with Portugal destroying them both. Italy in 1553-1560 conquers both and overthrows their Monarchy and Establishing United Serene Republics of Italia stretching from Italy and Spain (Portugal) to Nuova Italia.

Chapter Three. 16th Century to 17th Century. Or the Pax Italia.

As Italy adopts new reforms by making Peasantry illegal as is slavery. Natives in New Italy adjust to Italian lifestyle, Learning the Italian language fast and adopting traditions but suffer from Racism from the Government. As Roman-esque Architecture becomes normal again and as old Roman ruins become rebuilt, such as the Coliseum which becomes a heritage stadium. As France gains independence from England as the King dies and his cousin takes the throne of France, Corsica is given as a gift to France as friendship. France and Italian Relations improve and begins the Pax Italia. A new Italian Golden Age.

Chapter Four. 17th Century to 18th Century. Post Pax Italia.

The Mid 1600s around 1630s-1660s started with the Anglo-Prussian war. It began when the Prussian King demanded the City of Strasbourg and its native regions (Alsace-Lorraine) to be given to Prussia or face war. The King of France and England are outraged and refused to give into the demands to the Prussians. November 4th 1634, Prussian troops storm across the border into Alsace and took the Region. Outraged by the invasion of their Ally, the King of England sent en masse waves of Troops from England to France to help his French allies beat the Prussians...No use the English lines falter. English General George Manock leads a mass of Troops from Prussian occupied France and the British Isles to take Prussian holdings in America. Prussian Troops successfully take France in 1635 and begin preparing to take England and dethrone and execute the King. On March 20 1636 Prussian troops assault England from Brittany France and Prussian Flanders. In less then a few weeks London is besieged by Prussian troops. On May 10th 1636 London is taken, the King, King Charles is executed, His wife, the Queen, is taken prisoner to be sent to Prussia to be forcefully married off to a Prussian Noble and his son is taken by English soldiers to the Country lands. With most English Forces coming back from the Americas tired and Prussian soldiers at the Border of Scotland, the Generals of both Armies agree to peace. France agrees to give Alsace-Lorraine to Prussia and Prussia gives England, Prussian Westerland or OTL From the Rockies to Seattle.

In 1699 Italy suffering from Spanish nationalist give Spain independence. Spain takes Portugal once independence is restored on the Iberian Peninsula. With the New Kingdom of Spain given independence they start a war with the Arabian Empire by conquering Morocco. With the turn of the century Italy begins major infrastructure improvements since the early 16th century. In 1712 Italy Annexes lands east of the Adriatic sea mainly Selenia and Croatia.

Chapter Five. Late 18th Century.

In the 1770s English Colonist revolted against the Outstretched and unstable British Empire. With the help of the French and Italians, the colonist Formed the United States of America with their leader former Subject of Great Britain, Chief commander of the Continental Army now the President of the United States George Washington. With 30 years of stability came to closing end when the French revolution ended with Napoleon Bonaparte becoming Emperor of France. On January 4th 1810, France invaded the Most Serene Republics of Italia. Overwhelmed and outstretched but stable Napoleon was able to take Northern Italy and the Italian Balkans. A month later his army were stretching down to surround Rome. Napoleon took Prussia, Spain and Half of Russia. Most Serene Republics of Italy, Great Britain, Prussia and Russia formed the Coalition. France, United States, Spain and The Duchy of Warsaw formed a opposite coalition.

The War ended in 1820 with the Defeat and Exile of Napoleon exiled, Peace between USA and GB and Italia's takings of Southern France. In 1822 Nuvoa Italia broke up after Italy became too Unstable and national leaders Revolted. Empire of Mexico, Republic of Brasil, Andesa and Ameriga. The Industrial revolution started in England but grew rapidly throughout Europe, Middle East, Americas and East Asia. With most of the World at peace, technology grew more rapidly then OTL. With the Industrial Revolution starting earlier and growing rapidly. By the Mid 1860s steam powered automobiles replaced horse carriages and even helping farming. In the 1870s one of Italy's colonies, Mexico has growing into a Empire because of the Industrial Revolution. It sought independence through Faith and Religion under the Catholic Church. Its leader Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla revolted due to unfairness to the Catholic churches and quickly drove the Italian Army out of Mexico. Costilla crowned himself Holy Roman Emperor and started rebuilding a new Holy Roman Empire in Central America to be greater than the one that died out not that long ago.

Chapter Six. 19th Century to Present.

The 19th Century is marked with the European colonization of East Asia. In 1804, The Russian settlers in Siberia were attacked by the Qing Chinese forces seeking to take Siberia for themselves. At the same time they also attacked the British colonial town of Hong Kong forcing the British out. Qing China was getting close to victory, it was short lived. The British led by William Pit, Harassed the Chinese navy and the coastal towns. The Chinese navy was overwhelmed when it was aided by their Prussian allies who at the time were colonizing the Polynesias. With the Chinese mainland open to a sea invasion, the British kept harassing all the Coastal towns. On March 20th 1805. Shanghai, a major Chinese port, military and trading city was besieged by the British. The siege lasted 5 days and on March 26th 1805, Shanghai had fallen to the British army. Qing emperor panicking removed all of his forces from Siberia.

Russia saw the opportunity to take it back and station its troops fresh from the war with Sweden. As British troops coming from its African and Australian colonies, plus the homeland, started pouring into Shanghai overwhelming the surrounding area. With the Qing forces frantically trying to muster their way back into China suffered from disease, hypothermia and unexpected Russian attacks. With Siberia taken back by July of 1805, Russian sent small pockets of forces into Northern China. With China being attacked on all fronts, they sought old nemeses. They sought Japan to help them from Western aggression. Japan agreed and declared war on Russia, Britain and Prussia. By the beginning of 1806. Russia and Britain had taken almost all of China with Beijing and few heavily guarded and Japan underestimating Russia, Britain and Prussia had fallen to Russian forces.

Beijing was taken by both Russian and British troops in February of 1806. With the Qing Emperor dead and the central government destroyed. Russia and Britain carved China up between North and South. Russia will take the North including Beijing and Britain keeping the South. With most of Asia colonized by the End of 1810s decade, more conflicts erupted on the American Continent ... 


Europe and East Asia:

Most Serene Republics of Italia.

Greater Prussian Empire.

United Kingdom of Britain and Ireland.

Russian Empire.

Kingdom of France.

Ottoman Empire.

Hungarian Empire


Prussian Protectorate of Posen. (Prussian Vassal)

Norwegian Empire.

Swedish Empire.

Kingdom of Spain.

East Asia:

Russian North China

British South China.

Mughal Tibet.

Russian Japan.

Arabian Malaysia. (Arabian Vassal)

Arabian Indonesia. (Arabian Vassal )

Mughal India (Pro British)

Vietnamese Empire

Near East:

Republic of Van

Italian Byzantium

Arabian Empire.


Ottoman Caliphate (Rump State and vassal of Arabia)


Greater Saxony and New Prussia

United States of America

Holy Roman Empire of Mexico

Andesa Confederation

Republic of Brasil

Republic Ameriga



Sultanate of Upper Egypt

Coptic Egypt

Italian North Africa

Prussian Central Africa

British East Africa

British South Africa

Italian West Africa

Prussian West Africa.

Australia and Polynesia:

British Australia

New North Brandenburg

New South Brandenburg

Prussian Polynesia

Arabian Micronesia

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