The Rise of Communism Timeline is the product of an idea I've had for quite some time now, and also a bit of a cliché, what if the CCCP (USSR) won the Cold War and the US fell apart like the CCCP did in OTL.

Rise of Communism (4)

The world in 2012


The main reason that the US fell apart is not the single event but the result of many separate acts all starting from two separate events.

The First

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was never passed because of the Women's Rights Amendment did what it was supposed to do, kill the bill. The CRA barely failed, just ten votes away, and this would eventually cause the disintegration of the United States of America.

The Second

The CCCP's General Secretary Leonid Brezhnev realised that without reforms the CCCP's economy would begin to stagnate and that the Soviet's work force was become more and more "work-shy" and "working harder to not work than ever".

Thus Brezhnev launched the Great Reform of 1970, this fundamentally changed the CCCP forever. The first was the creation of a rewards systems for higher quality/higher quantity work. The second was the lowering of the military spending of the CCCP down to only 33% of their GDP instead of nearly 50%, the money not being sent to the military was sent instead to consumer goods.

These both together greatly raised the conditions of living in the CCCP, the public support, the quality of Soviet goods, and the drive to work in many CCCP workers throughout the Soviet Union.


The USA's inability to accept minority rights will eventually lead to the utter destruction of the Union. The effects though were not immediate. But they were profound.

During the 1980's the Vietnam War was raging dangerously out of control. The US troops are attempting to fight for the rights of the people of Vietnam while the people at home are raging against the government. The US is now not only fighting against the Viet Cong but their own people, and a government fighting its own has never turned out good for the government.

The blacks returning from war, like all soldiers, were hated and viewed as "baby-killers", murderers, and evil demons. But for them it was more than just that. They were treated as third class citizens, sub-humans, and idiots. They were unable to vote, unable to work, unable to do nearly anything. But the government soon found that they had not only trained soldiers but trained, and willing, 'freedom fighters'.

Civil disobedience, riots, even terrorist attacks from them soon popped up all over the south. The government though did little. The Southern states did not send the national guard to put down the riots, as doing so would admit that the blacks were a problem, and the Northern states were reluctant to help as they were not willing to spend that money to stop them.

This caused even more attacks, as they believed they could operate with impunity. Soon other states began to feel riots in their borders, spurred on by their people's own problems and seeing that the blacks operated with near impunity. Soon riots flared all over the US and everywhere from New York, to Chicago, to Sacramento, to Bismark, to Montgomery, to Seattle found themselves under assault from their own people. Then the unthinkable happened ...

Communist groups in Chicago captured the city center and declared the Communist Union of Chicago, this was quickly followed by groups throughout the state and soon the CUC expanded its "borders" to include large pieces of Illinois. The cities of Seattle, Sacramento, San Diego, and Los Angeles quickly followed suit.

The US Congress, and the remaining states all quickly adopted several proposed amendments to the Constitution, called the States Right's Amendments. These measures were able to hold together the fragile union that remained on the East Coast and the Deep South, but the damage had been done and America was now nothing more than a shell of what it used to be.

The world was now owned by a single superpower, the CCCP. But what would they do next ...

World in 2012

North America

  • Flag of the Communist Union of the Great Lakes Communist Union of Chicago
  • Flag of Canada Dominion of Canada
  • Flag of St.Louis Mississippi River Defensive Zone
  • Ussr-prop2 People's Republic of the Great Plains
  • Flag 990 People's Republic of Pacifica
  • Flag of California Republic of California
  • Deseret (maple uprising) Republic of Deseret
  • Flag of Texas Republic of Texas
  • Flag of the United States United States of America

Central America

  • Flag of the Federal Republic of Central America Federal Republic of Central America
  • Flag of the Soviet Union Panamanian Soviet Socialist Republic (CCCP)

South America

  • Flag of Venezuela Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
  • Flag of Brazil Federative Republic of Brazil
  • Flag of the Soviet Union Guyanese Soviet Socialist Republic (CCCP)
  • Flag of Bolivia Plurinational State of Bolivia
  • Flag of Chile Republic of Chile
  • Flag of Colombia Republic of Colombia
  • Flag of Ecuador Republic of Ecuador
  • Flag of Peru Republic of Peru


  • Flag of Italy Republic of Italy
  • Flag of the Soviet Union Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics (Союз Советских Социалистических Республик)


  • Flag of Australia Commonwealth of Australia
  • Flag of North Korea Democratic Republic of Korea
  • Flag 991 Independent State of Papua New Guinea
  • Flag of Indonesia Islamic Republic of Indonesia
  • Flag of the Ottoman Caliphate (1844–1923) Islamic Republic of Oman
  • Flag of Pakistan Islamic Republic of Pakistan
  • Flag of Bahrain Kingdom of Bahrain
  • Flag of Saudi Arabia Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Flag of Bangladesh People's Republic of Bangladesh
  • Flag of the People's Republic of China People's Republic of China
  • Flag of Thailand People's Republic of Thailand
  • Flag of India Republic of India
  • Flag of Iraq Republic of Iraq
  • Flag of Jordan Republic of Jordan
  • Flag of Lebanon Republic of Lebanon
  • Flag of Malaysia Republic of Malaysia
  • Flag of Singapore Republic of Singapore
  • Flag of Turkey Republic of Turkey
  • Flag of Myanmar Republic of the Union of Myanmar
  • Flag of Israel State of Israel
  • Flag of Syria Syrian Arab Republic
  • Flag 992 United Arab Emirates
  • Flag of Yemen Yemen Arab Republic



  • Flag of Tunisia Communist Republic of Tunisia
  • Flag of Mauritania Islamic People's Republic of Mauritania
  • Flag of Sudan Islamic Republic of Sudan
  • Flag of Algeria Islamic Socialist Republic of Algeria
  • Flag of Morocco Kingdom of Morocco
  • Flag of Ethiopia People's Democratic Republic of Ethiopia
  • Flag of Mali People's Democratic Republic of Mali
  • (dai)libyaflag People's Republic of Libya
  • Flag of Niger People's Republic of Niger
  • Flag of Chad Socialist Republic of Chad
  • Flag of Egypt Socialist Republic of Egypt
  • Flag of Somalia Somali Democratic Republic