Rin Halonen
りん はろねん

Mia Permanto

Shogun of Finland
1999 – 2009

Predecessor Fujiwara no Mariia
Successor Koishi Koskinen
Born 1972
Ekenäs, Finland
Political Party Suomen Keskusta (Centre Party (Finland))
Religion Finnish Paganism
Profession Samurai, Cook, Heavy Metal Singer

Rin Halonen was the Shogun of Finland from 1999 to 2009.


She was born in Ekenäs, Finland in 1972. She came from a wealthy family, who owned a business in their town. By the time she was 19, she went to work at Rin's until 24, in which she learned plenty about cooking. Afterwards she went to go into politics. Eventually she was elected in 1999 to Shogun.

As Shogun she continued the green policies, to an even greater effect. More solar power plants were built in Moriyää and also introduced Wind power to Finland. She helped the establishment of Wind power in Finland to produce electricity. She also helped continue encouraging alternative fuel sources for anyone that drives a kurumá among other things.

In 2001 she also outlawed/banned the official Church of Stranierismo.

In 2009, she retired from Shogun and went on to be a Heavy Metal singer.