Rikardist Denmark-Sweden
Most Serene Republic of Denmark-Sweden
Timeline: Vikings in the New World
Preceded by 1709-1816 Succeeded by
Flag of Republic of Denmark Sweden Flag of Denmark Sweden
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The Most Serene Republic of Denmark-Sweden (MSRDS), also known as Rikardist Denmark-Sweden, was a Rikardist country in Scandinavia.

After the Rikardist Revolts failed in Denmark-Sweden, the National Rikardism Party still had a large part of the government. In 1709, they were able to assassinate the president and stage a total takeover of the government. Things were changed immediately after that. They became a very isolationist, non capitalist society. They still traded, but only with places close to them (Russia, Scotland). Wealth was redistributed quickly, which drove many former billionaires out of the country.

Things went good at first, but slowly got worse as they administered more reforms. By 1800, most ways of work payed the same amount of money, which led to many types of work being run out of business. Their government collapsed in 1816 and was replaced with the Second Republic of Denmark-Sweden. Historians say another reason it collapsed was the sense of inferiority that the people had. The government treated everyone the same, so it led to people having no motivation in their lives.