Richmond, also known as the "Capital Capital of the World", has been the Capital of the Colony of Virginia, the Capital of the US Commonwhealth of Virginia, the short lived Republic of Virginia, the CS Commonwhealth of Virginia, the CS State of Virginia, and the Confederate States of America. It is the largest and most populated city in the Confederate States.

Capital of the Colony of Virginia 

After the capital was moved from Jamestown in 1737, Richmond was declared capital. As a colonial capital, it became a center for industry, slave trade, and commerce. In 1775, Patrick Henry gave his "Give me liberty or give me death" speech. In 1776, it joined the United States.

Capital of the US Commonwhealth of Virginia

In 1781, Richmond was burned to the ground, but quickly recovered. It continued as a center of industry and slavery, but met resistance to slavery in the 1840s. By 1860, secessionist feelings were running high. 

Capital of the Republic of Virginia

Following the attack on Fort Sumter, Virginia seceded from the US. They declared themselves the Republic of Virginia, until joining the Confederate States of America. 

Capital of the CS Commonwhealth of Virginia 

For a few days, when the CS capital was in Montgomery, Alabama, this city was only capital to virginia. 

Capital of the Confederate States of America

When the Confederate States moved its capital to Richmond, the War became more serious. The 7 days battles of 1862 was the closest Richmond ever came to being attacked by the US in the War of Southern Independence, but it was saved by General Robert E. Lee. After the war, Richmond became the economic powerhouse of the south. After the Industrialization Act, passed in 1866, Richmond led the south into a new era. In 1871, the Capital of Virginia was moved to Norfolk, but after the Norfolk Fire of 1876, the state capital was moved back to Richmond.   

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