Richard Milhous Nixon

35th President of the United States from February 6th, 1958 until January 20th, 1969. Nixon took office upon the death of Dwight Eisenhower, soon after the end of World War-III.

Nixon was known as a pragmatist, but not above shady electoral dealings. His prime function in office was the reconstruction of the United States after the devastation of the War. He was moderately well-regarded as President and left office with good approval ratings.

Later Life

After leaving the Presidency, Nixon retired to his home in San Clemente, California. He took on several advisory positions, wrote four popular books about World War-III and his Presidency, and helped to get Ronald Reagan the nomination for President in 1972. His wife Pat died of breast cancer in 1980, while Nixon himself lived to 1999.

Several parks and schools in reconstructed cities were named for him, as well as the "Richard Nixon International Airport" outside of New Los Angeles.

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