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Richard III (Forested Bosworth)

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230px-Richard III earliest surviving portrait
Richard III of England was the King of England and the founder of the English Imperium
Richard III of England
King of England


Predecessor: Edward V

Consort:Anne Neville
First Emperor of the English Imperium


Successor: Edward of Middleham

Born: 1452 Fotheringhay, Northernhamptonshire
Died: 1509, London, England (Age 57)
House: House of York

Victory in Bosworth

Following the beginning of the War of the Roses, King Richard began to attack Bosworth Field, a land owned by the House of Lancaster, to surprise them, Richard gathered the loyal forces to the Bosworth forest. There he managed to attack the fortress with more trained army and more horses, he managed to defeat most of the traitors, he then exiled Henry VII and Elizabeth of York to the Kingdom of Scotland, executed Thomas Stanley and additional members of the House. Later in London, he named his recently recovered from illness Edward of Middleham as his heir apparent.

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