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Richard's England

This is a timeline speculating what would of happened if Richard the Lionhearted had be unable to join the Crusade. Richard's removal from the political scene for the crusade lost the English Calais and Gascony.

What if Richard had been forced to stay in England, by the untimely death of his heirs? When the Crusades ended, the Ottoman Empire would have lost Antioch in addition to other territories. However, Richard's skill enables him to hold onto Normandy and conquer Brittany. Later, Wales, Scotland and Ireland will fall into his line's control. A Commonwealth of Britain will emerge, one far different from today.


1188: Richard the Lionhearted defeats Henry II, King of England, and is given his throne. Richard is left heirless by the conflict. This is a major disappointment to Richard, who is unable to personally go to the holy land for the Third Crusade.

1450: The Republic of Milan successfully fights of an invasion by Francesco Sforza.



British Empire

French Empire

  • French West Africa
  • Dominion of Madagascar
  • Dominion of Australia
  • Dominion of Annam

Kingdom of  Bohemia

United Kingdom of Iberia(Commonly Spain) Austrian Empire

Kingdom of Sicily

Kingdom of Bosnia

Republic of Milan

Kalmar Union (Commonly Scandinavia, Denmark)

Georgian Empire

Muscovian Empire

Lithuanian Commonwealth

United Provinces of Burgundy

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