Ricasolia is a former colony of Naples and now an independent colony. It was originally named New Carbonia; however once large amounts of colonists from other regions of Naples began to move to New Carbonia, it was renamed Ricasolia in memory of the deceased founder. Ricasolia is located in Cuba. It broke away from Naples after a slave revolt and gained its freedom in 1788


Ricasolia Flag

The Flag of Ricasolia

Giovanni Ricasoli first landed on the island of Cuba in 1641. The next year, King Benvolio II decided to colonize the island, and the first colony named New Carbonia was set up in 1643. For the first five years of its existence, New Carbonia was struck with waves of disease that slowled growth. By 1648, the health conditions luckily improved enough to expand normally. Following the death of Ricasoli in 1656, Naples renamed their colony Ricasolia in his honor. His family still rules the island, and their royal crest has been incorporated into the Ricasolian flag.

After a war with the Mamluk colony, they gained the coastal portions of that colony in 1678. This resulted in many more Mamluks entering the colony as slaves. Slavery was escalated by Carlo VII in the 1740s, but this proved to be the colony's undoing, with a slave revolt in 1787 causing the war for independence.


Ricasolia has many resources formerly used for Naples, primarily agricultural. Sugarcane, Tobbaco, and Coffee are the largest products farmed on Ricasolia that were shipped back to Naples. The farms make up the majority of the developed area of the colony.

Current Demographics

Statistic Largest 2nd 3rd 4th
Race Miscugli(65%)* Native (25%) African (10%) Other (0%)
Religion Jabran (80%)** Native Religions (10%) Sunni Islam (10%) Roman Catholic (5%)
  • Miscugli is a mixture of all of the races
    • Jabran followers are also Catholic, incorporating native, Muslim, and African Religions

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