1960  1968
Rhdesia and Nyasaland general election, 1964
All 75 seats to the Rhodesia and Nyasaland Federal Assembly
May 7, 1964 (1964-05-07)
First party Second party Third party
Leader Winston Field Roy Welensky William Eastwood
Party [[Rhodesia Front|Template:Rhodesia Front/meta/shortname]] [[United Federal Party|Template:United Federal Party/meta/shortname]] [[Rhodesia Labour Party|Template:Rhodesia Labour Party/meta/shortname]]
Leader since 1959 1956 1949
Leader's seat Mtoko Broken Hill (lost reelection) Matopo (lost reelection)
Last election 10 50 15
Seats won 72 3 0
Seat change +62 -47 -15

Previous Prime Minister
Roy Welensky
[[United Federal Party|Template:United Federal Party/meta/shortname]]

Prime Minister-elect
Winston Field

The 1964 Rhodesia Nyasaland general election resulted in a landslide victory of the Rhodesia Front, bringing an end to 28 consecutive years of rule by the United Federal Party.


Following the merger of the Dominion Party and the Liberal Party into the Rhodesia Front, the United Federal Party found itself facing an ever greater challenge to maintain it support as the more hardline Rhodesia Front which, as well as no longer dividing its traditional support base between two parties, was able to draw more right wing leaning voters away from the UFP.


The result was a convincing victory for the Rhodesia Front which won all but three seats in the Federal Assembly, whilst the United Federal Party was reduced to just 3 seats, all in Nyasaland, with Prime Minister Roy Welensky losing his own Broken Hill seat to the Rhodesia Front. The Labour Party lost its Parliamentary representation, never to regain it.

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