Rhesians are one of the five humanoid species that inhabit the planet Earth. A race of vegetarians, they are suited to the tropical rain forests of Central Africa, where they have lived since 2 million BC. The typical Rhesian is about 5 feet tall and weighs 120 pounds. Though small in size, they are incredibly fast and agile, and can outrun almost any predator. They build homes and entire cities in the rain forest canopy, constructing vast wooden bridges across rivers. The Rhesians are masters of nature, and use their knowledge of rain forest herbs to manufacture medicines for the other four races. Their technology is based mostly on water and steam power. Their ability to work for long hours under extremely hot temperatures led to their enslavement at the hands of the Mirians and Hombrians for several centuries. But the Rhesians are not easily controlled, and they remain a vital, militant force on the world stage.

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