In 1935 the Rexist party under Leon Degrelle led a rebellion on the 26th of October against the ruling Belgian government. There had been growing unrest against the government due to disagreements between the Flemish and Walloon population, the crippling devastating effects of the great depression and the 1929 election of a popular and successful nationalist government in France.

The Rexists had been supplied with arms and funds for some time since 1933 by the British and French governments. The Rexists had been gaining support in Wallonia and Degrelle visited Paris and met Charles Maurras where the French President agreed to support him in his rebellion.

On the 26th October 1935 Leon Degrelle launched his rebellion in Wallonia marshalling the bulk of his troops and then moved into Brussels. With the support of the Walloon population, on the 27th October the RAF and NAF (National Air force of France) bombed Belgian government forces and destroyed much of their standing forces with their heavy air support. On the 3rd November the Rexists took Brussels and by the end of November the country was under control of the Rexist government backed by the Popular Nationalists.

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