Revolutionary Provisional Government of Confederate States of America
Timeline: American Moral Peace
Preceded by 1919 — 1920 Succeeded by
Flag of the Confederate States of America (1861-1863) AMP Flag of the CSSA
Socialist Confederation of America
Map of CSA 4
Location of the Confederacy when the Confederate Government was fallen

Workers of the World have rise from the ruins ()

Anthem: "the Internationale"
Capital: Sandstone
Largest city: Cambridge
English (de facto)
  other languages: Spanish, French
Religion: State Atheism
Ethnic group: Southern American
Type of government: Socialist Provisional government state
Area: 1,995,392 
Population: 11,519,174 
Currency: Dollar (CSD)

Revolutionary Provisional Government is a term of calling of the pre-Socialist Confederacy provisional government of the Confederate States of America after the Confederacy's Government was fallen in 1919.the present government is,phase consts of phase holdings in sandstone,pine city,and Cambridge and mora. theneedfor conglomerastion is because handicappedhumans need economic$ also phase has the industries it has yet to use boilerplate news(maybe they'll start with this article-im writing free of charge.

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