Russian Revolution

(Russian) Национальная Революция

(National Revolution)

31 December 1999 - 5 January 2000


Moscow and major Russian cities


Success of revolution,
The NBP came to power,
"Nazibolhevization" starts,


National Bolshevik Party The National Bolsheviks Party

КПРФ Logo The Communist Party

LDPR Emblem The Liberal Democratic Party

Small communist/nationalist parties and organisations

Flag of Russia Government of the Russian Federation

Flag of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation Army of the Russian Federation

Flag of MVD of Russia Russian Police

Edinstvo logo "Unity" (Russian party)


National Bolshevik Party Eduard Limonov

LDPR Emblem Vladimir Zhirinovky

КПРФ Logo Gennady Zyuganov

National Bolshevik Party Aleksandr Dugin

Flag of Russia Vladimir Putin

Flag of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation Igor Sergeev

Flag of MVD of Russia Vladimir Rushaylo

Edinstvo logo Sergey Shoygu


About 100 000 people in Moscow and 50 000 in other cities

About 10 000 policemen

5,000 troops

40 tanks (in Moscow)

20,000 citizens

Casualties and Losses

100 protesters murdered

35 policemen

15 soldiers


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